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 Karen   2017-11-10 07:36:06 

I love your work and would love to order several of your pieces for gifts but I can’t find the pieces to purchase on your website. Do you have the items on line so I can choose which ones I can buy? Thank you!

 Jane Bowers   2017-11-05 17:41:31 

Bought a bead from you today in Venice.  Sorry I didn’t buy more.  Will look for you next weekend at St Armand’s.  Do you sell your pieces on line?
 Estelle Rousso   2016-12-01 12:45:55 

Hi, I have seen some of your pieces on Sharon Rophie and I asked her where I can see your work. Would love to buy something for myself. I live in Palm Harbor.
I don't know if you will be around after looking at your calendar.

Please let me know when I can see some of your work.

Thank you
 Lorrie Berntsen   2016-04-10 19:05:45 

I purchased a beautiful 'Sand & Sea' bracelet today...It has a rectangular bead with blue leather & pewter band. I'm happy you suggested the smaller size since my wrists are tiny. I will check your website for next seasons schedule so I can buy something new. Your jewelry is stunning and I can see why it is difficult to make a decision on which piece to purchase. See you next time you are in Delray Beach.
 Darlene Schoenrock   2015-09-04 04:03:12 

I would like to order a silver necklace for my sister to put beads on.  I bought one at the St. Armand's Art Fair from you with a beautiful piece on it.  I get soooo many compliments on it.  I just love it.
 Judi Bressler   2015-04-29 06:46:09 

Please let me know where you will be showing your work.  I met you at the art fair in Florida.
 Klaron   2015-03-29 07:10:09 

I had to tear myself away from your booth in the Las Olas Art Festival in Fort Lauderdale.  Everything you make is a treasure.  I will wear my "Sand and Sea" bracelet and earrings with pride.
Thank you!
 Debbie Marmaro   2015-03-07 13:09:52 

Dear Sherry,
Thank you for delighting me once again with your beautiful beads.  I saw you today at the Venice show where I purchased a bracelet to match the bead I bought from you last year.  I call it the "Sand & Sea" bead.  So lovely.
Keep those wonderful beads coming!
Debbie Marmaro
 Cindy Arrendale   2015-02-01 11:34:42 

Hi Sherry
I bought 2 of your leather and silver bracelets at the St Armends Art Fest on 1-25.  I love them.  I was the gal that couldn't figure out to get them on!!  You gave me instructions and talked with me at length. Thank you for your time!!  You have a fabulous talent and I'm so happy to own one of you creations.  I was wondering if I would be able to buy possibly 2 more of these bracelets for 2 of my friends??  Just get back to me whenever you can.
Thanks...Cindy Arrendale
 Cynthia Caruthers   2014-03-09 11:43:11 

Hi Sherry
I bought the red glass Earings at the Juno Art Fair and I am so excited to give them to my niece who lives in Tampa. I know she'll love them as much as I do...they will look gorgeous with her red hair! Thanks again. Cynthia
 josephine Abud   2014-01-03 08:10:24 

 want to tell you how  every time I wear the bracelet all my friends want to have one.
 Vera   2013-06-12 16:39:03 

I have at least 7 or 8 sets of your beautiful jewelry and get compliments every time i wear any one of them. I went to your website looking to make a purchase for a friend but not sure if you sell on line. I will not be back to Florida until next January and would like to buy a necklace for a friend sooner that that. Do you sell on line?
Thanks Vera Banach
 Barbara Weiss   2013-04-07 18:32:46 

I was at the Delray Affair today and saw a lady wearing your necklace & earrings. She gave me your card but I couldn't find your both. Do you sell you jewelry online? If not when will you be in south Palm Beach or Broward county again?
 Roberta Martin   2013-03-15 07:30:19 

do you have any ietms for sle on line?
 Irene Pinkien   2011-10-23 13:30:18 

Hi Sherry, I was just at the show at Las Olas, and I regret not getting the pink earings that I saw. Do you mail items out or you only sell them at art shows if so when will you be in south Florida again and where?
 Sondra Linke   2011-09-11 15:53:10 

Hi Sherry-
So glad I attended the Alexandria Arts fest and saw your booth.  I bought earrings and a matching bracelet that you sized down to fit my small wrist.  The beads are so beautiful and very unique in design and color.  All the best to you!  Keep doing what you love.  You are very talented. Sondra
 leslie fee   2011-03-14 08:33:27 

I met you this weekend at Juno By The Sea Art Festival and purchased an aqua/ivory flat bead bracelet and necklace.  Wearing these today and have already received compliments on how beautiful the beads/jewelry are.  My niece, her grandmother, and I spent a lot of time poring over your pieces to try to decide which one to purchase.  What fun!  Enjoying my bracelet and necklace and will keep your schedule handy in hopes of seeing you and your lovely hand crafted beads again.
 STEPHANIE CAVITT   2011-01-27 14:55:54 

 Kathy   2010-09-06 10:51:28 

I really admire the necklaces/earrings my sister bought from you at the Art Show. Your work really is set apart from other beaded necklaces.
I will look for your shop in Dunedin.
 Elizabeth Adams   2010-05-02 08:46:32 

Beautiful!  Very good eye; great beads, which is key for me.
 Janice Campitiello   2010-03-23 13:44:55 

My sister purchased for my birthday a gift from you and boy is it beautiful.  Janice Campitiello
 Marilyn Green   2009-12-18 20:26:13 

Hi Sherry
You have such a unique and beautiful product.  I bought several of the single beads at a Naples art show last season.  I look forward to adding to my collection and hope you will be down in this area in the near future.  I've just visited the entire website and can always order from here if that's necessary - just so much more fun to handle the pieces.
I'll check your calendar up above.
Hoping to see you soon - I love your work!!!
 Ann Mellema   2009-11-16 19:55:02 

Hi again, love your stuff !!! Are you coming down to Naples anytime soon?
 Marianne Lench   2009-05-09 17:33:01 

I bought one of your pendants at the Delray Affair and I LOVE it!  I get so many compliments on it.  My fiance' bought me the earrings to match as well.  I live in Pennsylvania so I'm glad I can get more of your items through the internet.
 Jane Fleming   2009-03-08 19:51:08 

I love your beautiful creations!!! Wearable art!!!
 Eileen Freund   2009-01-10 19:47:13 

I purchased a beautiful pendant and earring set today at Boca Fest.  Sherry was very patient and helpful while i made my selection.  i wore the set tonight and felt like i looked great!  it was just what my top needed to set it off just right.  i'm looking forward to adding another pendant and earring set to my collection - maybe next week in Delray Beach!  Thanks Sherry
 Elaine Simon   2008-11-09 10:32:52 

L love your "wearable art" -I bought  some last Jan in Dunedin whenwe were on  vacation - and  am looking forward to visiting you this winter to add to my (hopefully) growing collection.
 Susan Smith   2008-09-18 12:35:18 

Hi Sherry,  Am going to place my fourth order with you shortly.  I still love and admire your work.  Still receive compiments every time I wear your art.

See you in Delray Beach.  Susan
 Andrea Metzler   2008-09-13 17:45:37 

I love your art.  I have received more compliments from your jewelry then anything I have ever owned.  Thank you!
 Sandra Salloum   2007-12-05 12:07:50 

You are a genius with your art.  I have one of your rosary bracelets, and get compliments all the time.  Looking forward to purchasing more items.
 Lyle Prior   2007-11-27 12:43:07 

It was nice to meet you in Delray Beach.
Thanks for your call today.
I look forward to recieving the items we discussed.
Lyle Prior
 Susan Dunlop   2007-09-29 18:05:38 

Hi Sherry
I bought earrings and beads for my necklace for you at Hyde Park this Saturday. Having been to Murano I think your use of color is better than any I have ever seen. I look forward to passing on your website to my friends.  I was inspired in glass art in Italy  and so glad to see it in our area.  
Thank You
 laura   2007-08-15 11:26:49 

I love the website, your work is beautiful :)
Love you
 Annette Roath   2007-08-07 06:38:50 

Your mother is one of my very best friends. I'm at Transfig and have seen the work you do and have been to one of your shows and am a fan of your work.
 Holly Hagman   2007-05-11 07:01:12 


Everything you created for my wedding was so beautiful.  All the girls loved their necklaces!  My choker was perfect and I still get compliments on it.  

Thanks again for everything!
 Sally Center   2006-10-16 20:17:46 

Hi, Sherry! Wanted to say again how very much I enjoyed meeting you this past Sunday in Sarasota.  I LOVE my Gator bracelet, necklace and earrings! They are outstanding! I don't want anyone to know where I got them b/c then they, too will order some just like mine! Ha, ha!

I did already email Dr. Kelly's wife and she is very excited to locate your store. Her name is Linda.

God bless you and your sweet husband. Hope to see you again soon! Best Regards, Sally

 Mary Houlihan   2006-07-27 10:08:47 

Beautiful work!  Haveyou ever thought of adding hairsticks to your offering?  And have you been to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA?  Seattle`would love your work!
 Silvia Judy   2006-06-07 05:51:55 

I bought your black and white swirl necklace and I've gotten rave compliments!  Everybody wants to know where I bought it.  There are three of us in the office that wear your jewelry.  Keep up the great work.  Looking forward to your next craft show.

P.S.  I'm a gf of Pam Bell.
 Barbara L. (Katie's Nana)   2005-12-16 09:51:55 

Sherry,  Your work is beautiful!  The quality of each piece is a pleasure to wear.  I enjoy the compliments I receive when wearing your art and I am proud to say I know the artist personally.  I look forward to reviewing this website frequently.
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